Case Study – H&H Stone

Case Study – H&H Stone

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Product Type:      SANDSTORM 620
Customer:          H&H Stone
Location:           Illinois, USA

Customer Requirement

H&H Stone started operating in 2013, which primarily mines sand and gravel. Their goal was simply to remove imported fill and produce a profitable, quality sand product from a waste product by wet screening the mesh off the top of the sand product.

Using a cyclone to wash out the silts and clays from the bottom end of the sand product, H&H Stone end up with a spec sand product used in concrete manufacturing.

MWS Challenge

H&H Stone cited two challenges.  The Illinois economy had not fully recovered and the material the quarry produces is relatively low priced so there is a limitation on shipping.

To overcome these challenges, H&H Stone needed to find a smart solution to meet the customers’ expectations and exceed the levels of competition.

MWS Solution

MWS designed a solution for H&H Stone that allowed them to produce a clean product that was affordable and could be used for all applications using new advanced equipment.

The solution was the innovative Sandstorm 620 3D1S that offers up to 3 aggregates and 2 sand products. CM 11 3/4 concrete stone, cm16 limestone chip and the FM20 sand stone

Its powerful and durability offers a variable speed belt feeder and an adjustable feeder and hopper for consistent material feed and has dual and single sand options for up to 200 tph.

The fully automated machine is radio controlled and has an advanced automated control system. The Sandstorm is operator friendly and is operated via touchscreen.

Main advantages of the sandstorm is the reduction in waste going to the ponds with our efficient sand extraction we can pull more sand out of the water meaning less sand is sent to your waste ponds.

Results have confirmed that by using the Sandstorm 620, the waste product is now being used for washed concrete stones and state spec fa2 concrete sand.

MWS Results

“When making a major investment in equipment such as the Sandstorm. Relationships come into play, challenges always occur and its then that people want to work with others whom they are comfortable with and respect. The MWS team are cordial, easy to work with and easy to do business with.  They addressed all our issues and have been there when we needed them.

The results show that our investment paid off very quickly.” Dave Hamman, Owner of H&H Stone.