incline screens

Incline Screens

MWS Incline Screen range 512|516 |620 is designed for maximum production in sand and gravel and recycling applications.

The Screen box plant is a heavy duty, high capacity modular screener capable of screening a wide range of material in extreme environments. It is designed to handle intense applications and can be used in construction and demolition waste, iron ore, aggregates, coal, recycling, rock and soil and sticky clay.

MWS Incline Screen Option

  • 512|516 |620 Incline Screen range
  • 3 deck & 2 deck rinser
  • Dry, rinser & part rinser
  • Modular polyurethane decks
  • Rubber lined catch box and division plates
  • Adjustable Division plates
  • Flipper plates in the rolling chute

Product Applications

  • Recycling
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Iron Ore
  • Aggregates

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FEATURES & benefits

Ranges 512 |516 |620

Manual screen angle adjustment

Electric Drive

Heavy duty 12f x 5f 2 Deck and 3 Deck Screenbox

Rolling chute

Galvanised walkways & handrails